What’s your story?

We all have a story to tell, about where we’ve been, what we’ve come through, and what we want. Securing the right opportunities is about telling your story in a compelling and artful way that attracts the right people, connections, and opportunities.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business, you tell your story and the story of your business.  You tell this story in your mission and vision for the company.  And you relay this story in presentations, marketing, to attract customers, secure partnerships, gain buy-in from business leaders, secure funding, and rally the support of your employees.

If you’re a professional, you tell your story and the story about where you’re headed.  You have to communicate your story on your resume, in interviews, to secure connections, have people remember you, and generate the right opportunities.

As an Artist, Writer, Speaker, or other Creative, you tell your story through your art. You use it to touch the people who are moved by your work, communicate a message, or create a movement.

You have a story to tell. A story about your experiences, your values, your mission, and where we’re headed. You tell this story all the time. But if you aren’t clear about your story, if you’re not intimately familiar with it yourself, it’s hard to communicate with others.

I’ve been working with others to tell their stories for a very long time. What has become clear through all my work, with companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals, is that we first have to get clear about the story. From there, everything else comes naturally.

With a clear and compelling story and the right tools, you can accomplish anything. And my work is to get you there.

So, What’s your story?

I joined a coaching group Cecilia was hosting not knowing what to expect, and honestly not knowing what I even wanted to get out of it except to feel better. I left with a sense of myself and how I wanted to run my business- like me! She gave me permission to be myself and do things the way I wanted. All these years of fighting myself trying to do things the way I thought I was supposed to and now I get to enjoy my business the way I have always wanted. I am now way more relaxed and I know what I want and I get it faster than I ever have before. – Sarah S.


Cecilia is an insightful caring person who has an incredible ability to read people, listen intently and offer wise, useful advice. I was new to the concept of a Life Coach when I met Cecilia. I was blown away by her knowledge, suggestions and advice. As much as I wanted her to “solve” my problems, I came away from every session feeling stronger about me and my relationships. I highly recommend Cecilia for anyone who feels confused about love, life, work, marriage and everything in between. – Stephanie