I’m so excited to have you here!  Thanks for visiting!

I’m curious, what is your next Amazing Adventure?  Do you know?  Do you want to know?

My greatest passion is helping people know they have permission to be themselves, just as they are.  To guide them towards peace, joy, and freedom as they pursue their next great adventure in life, whether that’s a career transition, new business, or a complete and total life redesign.  By guiding them to know and understand what they are passionate about and what gifts and talents they already possess. 

Then showing them that what they want really is possible.  That they can get there from here. That it really can be easy, simple, uncomplicated and a whole lot of fun.  Because honestly, I can’t do it any other way…make it simple, easy, uncomplicated and fun…otherwise you’ll loose me along the way.

I have reinvented myself so many times in my life I’ve actually lost count! From new careers, new businesses, new relationships, new cities and new homes.  Each time was an amazing adventure, but it was also a journey of discovery. I want to show others that their new journey can be fun and exciting, while still being simple, easy and uncomplicated.

I hope to be a partner along your journey of rediscovery and adventure. To help you come to know that you are enough just as you are.  That the skills and talents you possess will be enough to start from here.  Then help you discover what new and amazing adventures lay ahead.

So, Are you ready?

Cecilia helped me immensely and made me realize that to be happy and successful in life you have to follow your passion. My passion has always been music and helping others have fun. Working with her started the ball rolling towards my relaunching the career that had brought so much fulfillment back in my native Scotland. If you are at a crossroads in your life, Cecilia will help you to make the right choice about which way to go. She rocks!  – Alan R.


I hired Cecilia to help me make some changes in my life. Through working with her I was able to define what I was looking for in a relationship and in my career. She helped me to ‘design’ my dream girl who I met soon afterward. She also helped me to define what was most important to me in terms of my career and company and my dream job appeared, like magic! I would highly recommend working with Cecilia if you are looking for direction, inspiration, and creative ideas. You’ll transform your life and have fun in the process. – Randy