Focus in Your Job Search and Business


It is a matter of focus!

I can not remember where I heard that phrase, but it seemed brilliant at the time. And it is still completely relevant. Focus is the one of the most important things you can do to get your job search or your business hopping.

I have plenty of clients tell me they are unmotivated and can not seem to get things done. They say they just do not have the will power or tenacity to get things done. Then they complain that nothing they “do” in their job search or in their business is producing results.

Hog Wash! It has nothing to do with “will power” or “tenacity” and nothing to do with your capabilities or ability to take action.

It has everything to do FOCUS.

Look…focus gives you motivation, dedication, will power, tenacity, and guts. It generates ideas and connections. After my clients get focused, they take off like a shot and have more motivation than they know what to do with. What a great problem to have.

Why does focus work? It works because you finally know where you are going, what road to take, how to communicate, and what decision to make. You know when to say YES and when to say NO.

Without focus, I doubt I could write this article or get my point across. If you are a job seeker or an entrepreneur without focus, it is difficult to communicate with potential employers or your customers. You find you can not complete your resume or your web-site material. And forget trying to search for a job or your customers…you get lost in search engine limbo forever, without focus.

I will let you in on a little secret. Your potential employers and your customers KNOW you have no focus when you interview or talk with them. It’s amazing. They pick up on it like a sixth sense, even if they can’t explain why. They walk away dazed, confused, without any sense of why they talked with you in the first place, or they forget you the moment you walk out the door. Not good, if you want them to actually hire you or buy your product or services. As a job seeker or an entrepreneur you want to leave a lasting impression, and not that one!

So sit down and figure out your focus. Ask yourself what you want to do or offer. Take a bit of time to do some research about what potential employers or your customers are looking for. Then find a focus and communicate that to them, in a way that shows them you have exactly what they need.

It will have your potential employers or customers flocking to you. And they will remember you, in a good way. And whether they need you now or weeks down the road, you will be the first person that comes to mind. Because what they need IS YOU, your talents, your services, your skills and your strength.

Now, go get ’em!

Happy Hunting!


Success In A Slumping Economy

Why is it…when someone says the economy is slowing, everyone freaks out.  Speculation runs rampant about just how horrible business will be, how little we will gain, and how we should all be scared.  When did we start allowing our success to be defined by the state of the economy?  Hog wash!  This line of thinking has no legs to stand on.


Let us look at the facts.  Are people spending less?  Maybe.  Are housing prices going down?  Yes, that may be truth for a lot of folks now.  Are mortgages harder to get now?  Maybe.  Are gas prices climbing?  Yes.  Those may be the current facts.  But how and when did we start defining these facts as proof that we could not succeed?  That we could no longer have what we want or need?  Who said?


Do not let anyone tell you that a slumping economy is proof that you can not have, do or be anything you want.  Do not let the economy dictate your success.  Success and economy are two different animals.  Define them separately and keep it that way.

Let me share another set of facts.  People, businesses and folks just like you are still succeeding in “today’s economy”.  In fact, some people are thriving in it.   I know what you’re thinking.  The only people succeeding are those oil companies or some other vulture sucking the life out of us poor retched old souls who just need to get by.  Sorry, but no.  The people who are succeeding are real people with real dreams who are making it, right NOW!


In my life, I have never been out of work more than three months, unless of course I chose to do so.  On September 11th, 2001 we witnessed the fall of the twin towers and I witnessed my first lay off.  Everyone I talked with speculated that I would be out of work for a year.   You know, with the slow down in the IT industry and everything, no one was hiring…right?


Those who believed it were still out of work a year later.  Me…I went back to work in just 3 short months using the principles I teach in the Recipe for Success class.


Here’s how I spent my time off of work.  The first month I cried myself to sleep, felt sorry for myself and wondered why me.  The second month I kicked myself in the rear, started using my own proven process, and took a real vacation.  By month 3 I was working again, rested and doing something I loved.  Tada!

Success in a slumping economy is not impossible.  It can take some inventive thinking and innovative action, but it is not hard.  You can find success, no matter what’s going on around you.  I know, I have done it, over and over and over again.  It was simple, easy and uncomplicated.  If you want to know how, look me up or check out my class on a Recipe for Success.  If nothing else, do just one thing for me…define success for yourself.  And don’t let anyone get in your way.


Copyright © 2008 Cecilia Deal.  All Rights Reserved.

Easy Life?

When was the last time you thought “Was life not meant to be easy?  Were we not meant to succeed simply by being ourselves?  Was not progress and accomplishment supposed to come without a lot of effort or pain?”  Somewhere deep in me, I know this to be true!  Life is Easy, is it not? – Or is it?


I am the first to admit that I look for the easy way through life.  I always have and I always will.  I look for the simplest answer and the shortest route.  When I drive, I take the fastest roads with the fewest bumps.  And when I work on a project I go for the least complicated way to get it accomplished.


I have always turned away from the hard stuff.  Why?  Because I knew there had to be an easier way.


When I look up “Easy” in the English Thesaurus I find these similar words:  simple, trouble-free, straightforward, comfortable, calm, painless, uncomplicated, stress-free, at ease, etc…  A life like this I like!  Don’t you?  So yes, I believe Life is Easy.


Now I bet your thinking “Easy?  Who are you kidding?  No way!  It can’t be possible!  There is always going to be pain, let down, frustration, hard decisions, etc.”


I agree – sort of.  So, let me clarify something.  An Easy Life does not mean to sit around all day eating Bon-Bons and watching TV hoping that the gods will intervene on your behalf and hand you everything you ever wanted and more.  If you believe that praying and hoping all day will get you what you want in life, I have got news for you.  Yes praying, believing, and meditation are important, but you have to take part in your life.  Be involved in the design and creation of it, if you want it to be your own.  Otherwise, someone else will live it for you.


And yes, life will include challenges.  I will not deny that.  It comes with the territory.  And it’s part of the beauty and development of the human experience.  But that does not mean that life has to be hard.  In fact, an Easy Life is about action, focus, determination, courage and results.  It requires effort, thought, action, and a willingness to give it your all.


“But how is that easy?” I hear you ask.  Here’s the big secret – an Easy Life is about finding the flow.  Finding flow through those rough spots, hard decisions, and frustrations, with the right answers, decisions and action, and knowing when to put your skills to work.  It’s about knowing when to move forward, when to step back and when to rest. And then trusting that the end result you desire will come, even if you don’t know how yet.  Because the end result will come, it will!


What’s difficult is finding the flow.  That easy place with peace and space that allows life to move forward while providing you the answers you want and the things you need to find success in what you’re after.


You can find it.  That flow you are looking for, that makes life easy and allows you to make the right decisions for yourself and take action when it makes sense.  And then only take the action that will give you the best results, propelling you toward what you seek.  I am here to tell you – it can be done.


How do I know?  Because I have found it!  And so have many of my clients.  They often say it feels unreal, like they can’t believe that life can be that easy.  That answers, decisions and action can be easy to find and do.  And that the things they set out to do can be accomplished, EASILY.


It works, whether you are facing adversities like career transitions, romantic break-ups, and divorce OR you are making everyday decisions about the house, family and which guy or gal to date.  Life gets to be easy and you get to have so much more of the experience of life than they have ever imagined before.


So here is my thing.  Find it for yourself.  Find the flow and the way to strong confident answers, decisions and action.  Start by just paying attention to what is happening each and every day in your life.  Stay present in the moment and watch what happens.  The first assignment I give my clients is “Notice”.  Notice everything around you and how you feel about it.  Set aside your emotional reaction and your need to make anyone wrong.  Just notice.  It will be your first step to finding the Easy Life.


Here’s to your Easy Life!

Cecilia Deal


Copyright © 2008 Cecilia Deal.  All Rights Reserved. 

Are You Stalling

When was the last time you got so fired up you were ready to take on anything?  Or you got so bored with being stalled, you were ready to start, no matter what it took?  And somewhere you found confidence, courage, and determination.
As an entrepreneur, I know how critical it is to let ideas and concepts ripen.  And I’m always excited when I know the moment it is time to take action.  What is sometimes difficult is identifying when I’m stalling.
So let’s think about this for a moment.  How do you identify when your idea and concepts are still ripening?  For me I feel a certain “not quite ready” in my gut and if I try to take action, it is like pushing against a brick wall.
And how do you know when to take action?  In my world, I feel like I’m ready to take on the world and I can’t help but find myself moving.  My body and my mind scream…LET’S GO!
Then, how do you know you are stalling?  Well,  I tell you, I don’t always recognize it when it happens.  But when I do, it usually feels like my body is aching to move, but my mind keeps telling me “I don’t want to” (in a very whinny voice).
Luckily, over the years I’ve gotten better and quicker at realizing it and found a few things that help me get moving.  I might play energizing music, play with my dogs, or call a really motivating friend.  And when I need the big guns, I call my coach.
So…where are you now?  Are you ready to take action, still letting ideas ripen?  Or are you just stalling, afraid to take action, afraid to move?  How will you know you are ready?  How do you  know it’s time to stop taking stalk and start taking action?  I’d really like to know.  E-mail me at and I’ll post the answers on my next e-mail.

-Cecilia Deal, CPCC
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach