Some Day When…

Thursday morning I was in an auto accident.  It was painful, but thankfully I will live.

On that very morning while in the hospital I thought mostly about the managers I would disappoint at work, the candidate who would have to wait an extra day or two to receive an offer and the managers who would painfully wait an extra day to review new resumes.  (I’m a recruiter at a local engine manufacturer).  It bothered me so much I even made phone calls and left messages while still waiting for more tests to be ordered.

But this morning, the Sunday after the accident, I’m not thinking about the managers and candidates.  Instead, I’m thinking over the accident, realizing that I was really luck to walk away with my brain intact and all my senses to enjoy life with.

Without being overly dramatic, I know now that it could have ended up very differently.  And had that been the case, there is so much I would have missed.

I would have missed the opportunity to tell my family and good friends how much I love and adore them.  How much they mean to me and how gifted they truly are.

And I would have missed the opportunity to share with you what I know about making life easier.  About finding peace and wholeness in your life and about being truly O.K. with who you are, just as you are, right now!  Those words I long to share would have ended up in the pages of a series of my old trusty notebooks stashed away in some box for the next 20 years until someone finally decided to burn them or throw them out, instead of on the screen of the computer you’re staring at right now.

So, it makes me wonder…If I no longer kept putting off these dreams until “some day when…”, but instead did them now, what would I pursue?  What would it look like?  How would I get started?  How would my life change?

Then it makes me wonder….if you started pursuing those “some day when…” dreams, what would you pursue now?  What would it look like? How would you get started?  And how would your life change?

I wonder…