The Truth Will Set You Free

And who was it that so fantastically said “The Truth will set you free”?

When I was growing up my mother always made us use just one towel for the week. With three kids and only one washer, it would take her hours to finish the laundry on the weekends. So for years I’ve kept that as my own practice, just one towel per week for showers.

Then one day I was thinking to myself “I’d really like another towel today”. Then I heard that voice in me say “But it’s not a new week.” And for some reason, for the first time in years, I questioned that voice “Well why can’t I have another towel this week?”

And then it hit me, like a flash, and I laughed and laughed and laughed. “You can’t have another towel because it will create too much laundry for mom” HA! That’s been running around in my head for years, unchecked, and I didn’t even know it.


So, for the first time in years, I grabbed another towel that week. In fact, I used a new towel every day that week, just relishing in the fact that I could – just because I wanted to.

So I wonder…what unchecked thought is running around in your mind keeping you from having all you want in life?

Find the truth, and it will set you free.

~Cecilia Deal @ Finding Wanna – All copyrights reserved 2011.


Life Happens

Last night, while getting ready for bed, I had a moment. A moment where my current life felt surreal. Not good or bad, just not mine. And I realized, this was not the life I had chosen for myself.

Allow me to explain. When I use to think of my life and how it would be, this is not what I imagined. Not at all. If you had told me 15 years ago that I would end up in Wisconsin, the coldest state I’ve ever lived in, and knitting as a form of recreation, I would have laughed at you. Not an image I would have wanted for myself 15 years ago, not at all.

However, where I’m at today is not what I would have imagined even a few weeks ago.,. nursing injuries, looking for a new car, and still contracting with a local company. Why, because all those things were unexpected. My contract assignment was just suppose to be a 2 month assignment, it’s been almost 10 months now. And the auto accident was…well unplanned.  It’s as if my life got away with me. As if life just “happened”, and I’m not sure how I got here.

Have you ever felt like that? You know, as if you don’t know how you got here, in this life. And do you wonder why you didn’t end up in the life you dreamed up for yourself years ago? What do you do at that moment of realization?

I know, that from this moment on – things are different. I’m not sure how, yet, but things are different. I feel more determined, more on fire, and more alive somehow.

And now…to dream up what’s next.

So, I wonder…What is the life that you had chosen for yourself, before life “happened” to you? Or are you living the life you dreamed?

Reinventing Yourself

When I was young I use to rearrange my room.  Often!  Every month I would clean out all the cobwebs, dust off the window ledge, and rearrange the furniture.  When I started moving things around I never knew where my furniture would end up.  It was like my own personal adventure.  I loved the fresh clean feeling it left me with and the change in perspective it gave me.

Old habits die hard.  Now, every so many months I re-invent my life.  It seems crazy to some, I know.  Why would I go about constantly shifting my life, my environment, or my role, making changes and doing things my way?  Let me tell you why…reinvention is my look back, like a trip down memory lane.  It is exciting and one of the most rewarding parts of my life.  It is like cleaning out a closet, dusting off the cobwebs, and rearranging the furniture, I get to look through old memories, find treasures, and discover a few lost coins under the cushions.

Reinvention is my look back, but it is also my fresh start.  That new look from a new direction about what I really want! I get to de-clutter, get rid of the things that get in my way, and making it easier to get to the things I want.  Most of all, I get an appreciation of what I have and a clear view of what I really want.

I may be grown-up now (or at least I claim to be), but reinventing myself still makes me happy.  A new place, a new role, and a new adventure!  You might say is it an evolution that gives me a fresh look at life, a new set of goals to reach for, and a sense of excitement about what’s next.  How will you reinvent yourself this year?

Copyright © 2009 Cecilia Deal.  All Rights Reserved.

Directions for Life

A few days ago I bought a new hair serum.  Before I used it, I decided to actually read the directions on the bottle.  Here is how the instructions read…

Directions:  After shampooing and conditioning, apply generously to scalp and rub.  Comb through hair and let set for 5 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly with water.

Many times in my life I have often wished I had such clear directions for life.  After my own life journeys and experiences, I imagine the directions for life would read like this…

DIRECTIONS:  After identifying what you want and need, apply liberal doses of faith.  Combine with plenty of self care and let set.  Rinse thoroughly with forgiveness.  Results visible immediately.”

© Copyright 2008, Finding Wanna and Cecilia Deal.  All rights reserved.

Success In A Slumping Economy

Why is it…when someone says the economy is slowing, everyone freaks out.  Speculation runs rampant about just how horrible business will be, how little we will gain, and how we should all be scared.  When did we start allowing our success to be defined by the state of the economy?  Hog wash!  This line of thinking has no legs to stand on.


Let us look at the facts.  Are people spending less?  Maybe.  Are housing prices going down?  Yes, that may be truth for a lot of folks now.  Are mortgages harder to get now?  Maybe.  Are gas prices climbing?  Yes.  Those may be the current facts.  But how and when did we start defining these facts as proof that we could not succeed?  That we could no longer have what we want or need?  Who said?


Do not let anyone tell you that a slumping economy is proof that you can not have, do or be anything you want.  Do not let the economy dictate your success.  Success and economy are two different animals.  Define them separately and keep it that way.

Let me share another set of facts.  People, businesses and folks just like you are still succeeding in “today’s economy”.  In fact, some people are thriving in it.   I know what you’re thinking.  The only people succeeding are those oil companies or some other vulture sucking the life out of us poor retched old souls who just need to get by.  Sorry, but no.  The people who are succeeding are real people with real dreams who are making it, right NOW!


In my life, I have never been out of work more than three months, unless of course I chose to do so.  On September 11th, 2001 we witnessed the fall of the twin towers and I witnessed my first lay off.  Everyone I talked with speculated that I would be out of work for a year.   You know, with the slow down in the IT industry and everything, no one was hiring…right?


Those who believed it were still out of work a year later.  Me…I went back to work in just 3 short months using the principles I teach in the Recipe for Success class.


Here’s how I spent my time off of work.  The first month I cried myself to sleep, felt sorry for myself and wondered why me.  The second month I kicked myself in the rear, started using my own proven process, and took a real vacation.  By month 3 I was working again, rested and doing something I loved.  Tada!

Success in a slumping economy is not impossible.  It can take some inventive thinking and innovative action, but it is not hard.  You can find success, no matter what’s going on around you.  I know, I have done it, over and over and over again.  It was simple, easy and uncomplicated.  If you want to know how, look me up or check out my class on a Recipe for Success.  If nothing else, do just one thing for me…define success for yourself.  And don’t let anyone get in your way.


Copyright © 2008 Cecilia Deal.  All Rights Reserved.


What I’m passionate about is having choices.  A choice about what you do with your body, your spirit, your mind, your soul and your life.  Choices on how you create your career, direct your business, build relationship, worship (shoes, cars, or religion), communicate, love, create family, and live YOUR life.

What I know about choice is this…you have to be aware to see it.  You have to know that there is a choice to make.  AND you have to know what you want and what you stand for to have the ability to decide which choice is best for you.  You have to know what is important to you, what you hold valuable, the standards you live by, how you operate and what makes you tick.  Otherwise, it’s all up to chance.  I don’t know about you, but I do not want to leave that much of my life up to chance.

How do you get answers about what you want when you can’t even think straight?  When you are bombarded by opinion, advice, and what “others” think is best for you?  When you get advice, take a class, or read a book, but still leave wondering how the recommendations apply to your own life?  How are you suppose to discover what you want and the best decisions for you?

You stop!  You stop and listen.  You take breathing room and then you gently, lovingly embark on the discovery of what you want.  You get connected to your own personal “wanna-meter”(of-course this is a technical term).  That internal meter that tells you how to identify what you want and what is important to you.  This is the work I do with my clients, breathing room, listening, and getting connected to that personal “wanna-meter”.  Because, if you aren’t listening to yourself, then how can you connect to what you want or make choices that are right for you?

What are you choosing today?  Will you live in choice or will you leave your life up to chance?  Will you swim around in advice or start making decisions for yourself?  Are you ready to KNOW what YOU want? Because it is a choice!

Are You Stalling

When was the last time you got so fired up you were ready to take on anything?  Or you got so bored with being stalled, you were ready to start, no matter what it took?  And somewhere you found confidence, courage, and determination.
As an entrepreneur, I know how critical it is to let ideas and concepts ripen.  And I’m always excited when I know the moment it is time to take action.  What is sometimes difficult is identifying when I’m stalling.
So let’s think about this for a moment.  How do you identify when your idea and concepts are still ripening?  For me I feel a certain “not quite ready” in my gut and if I try to take action, it is like pushing against a brick wall.
And how do you know when to take action?  In my world, I feel like I’m ready to take on the world and I can’t help but find myself moving.  My body and my mind scream…LET’S GO!
Then, how do you know you are stalling?  Well,  I tell you, I don’t always recognize it when it happens.  But when I do, it usually feels like my body is aching to move, but my mind keeps telling me “I don’t want to” (in a very whinny voice).
Luckily, over the years I’ve gotten better and quicker at realizing it and found a few things that help me get moving.  I might play energizing music, play with my dogs, or call a really motivating friend.  And when I need the big guns, I call my coach.
So…where are you now?  Are you ready to take action, still letting ideas ripen?  Or are you just stalling, afraid to take action, afraid to move?  How will you know you are ready?  How do you  know it’s time to stop taking stalk and start taking action?  I’d really like to know.  E-mail me at and I’ll post the answers on my next e-mail.

-Cecilia Deal, CPCC
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach