“Thank you for opening my eyes, and my heart, to new possibilities! You’ve given me the nudge I’ve needed to push the needle out of the rut in which my home life was spinning. I am amazed at how your homework suggestions have take my miscues and turned them into reopening and rediscovering a mutually satisfying partnership with my husband. I cannot begin to thank you enough!” – Joni R.

“Cecilia helped me immensely and made me realize that to be happy and successful in life you have to follow your passion. My passion has always been music and helping others have fun. Working with her started the ball rolling towards my relaunching the career that had brought so much fulfillment back in my native Scotland. If you are at a crossroads in your life, Cecilia will help you to make the right choice about which way to go. She rocks!”  – Alan R.

“I joined a coaching group Cecilia was hosting not knowing what to expect, and honestly not knowing what I even wanted to get out of it except to feel better. I left with a sense of myself and how I wanted to run my business- like me! She gave me permission to be myself and do things the way I wanted. All these years of fighting myself trying to do things the way I thought I was supposed to and now I get to enjoy my business the way I have always wanted. I am now way more relaxed and I know what I want and I get it faster than I ever have before.” – Sarah S.

“Finding Wanna” with Cecilia Deal helped me further understand and define what I really wanted for myself in a career, which was an awakening. Cecilia is caring, insightful and down to earth. Her program helped me find the focus and direction I was looking for. I felt rejuvenated and it gave me momentum in my career search. I think anyone would greatly benefit using Cecilia Deal’s program.” – Steven

“Cecilia is a kind, open-minded coach who helps people delvedeep so they can have lives they dream of rather than tolerate. I’ve witnessed her in a variety of settings, and she’s always been bold, loving and honest!”  – Jeff J.

“I hired Cecilia to help me make some changes in my life. Through working with her I was able to define what I was looking for in a relationship and in my career. She helped me to ‘design’ my dream girl who I met soon afterward. She also helped me to define what was most important to me in terms of my career and company and my dream job appeared, like magic! I would highly recommend working with Cecilia if you are looking for direction, inspiration, and creative ideas. You’ll transform your life and have fun in the process”. – Randy

“Cecilia is an insightful caring person who has an incredible ability to read people, listen intently and offer wise, useful advice. I was new to the concept of a Life Coach when I met Cecilia. I was blown away by her knowledge, suggestions and advice. As much as I wanted her to “solve” my problems, I came away from every session feeling stronger about me and my relationships. I highly recommend Cecilia for anyone who feels confused about love, life, work, marriage and everything in between.” – Stephanie

“When I first met Cecilia I was transitioning from a corporate VP job and not knowing exactly what I would do next. I had some ideas, but change is a challenging process. Cecilia guided me along the way. Most important and helpful – she asks the tough questions, and in a real gentle way, that serves to help clarify your next steps on the path forward.”  – Bernard

“Cecilia is an unbelievable coach, who helps you discover YOUR goals, reasons, and action plans with her guidance. With ease she challenges you to face fears and helps you discover ways of overcoming them. Thank you Cecilia for everything you have done and the success you have brought to my business. Since working with her (beginning in late Dec 07), I sponsored two new consultants, helping them find financial freedom in Jan!!!!!!!” – Gina R.